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The Intermebex company works on the Moldavian market since 1997. Since then, we have passed from a small company that imports kitchen furniture to a big manufacturing company, confidently occupying leading positions on furniture market. Currently, the company’s activity is concentrated on the manufacture of the kitchen garnitures under the Wiza mark.

The quality and the durability of the Wiza kitchens are based on the optimal technological resources, workers professionalism and the attitude to the process in general. In order to make sure of it and to create a complete impression over our production, look the video materials about the factory work.

Three fundamental principles

In order to maintain the status of the one of the most important Moldavian furniture producer allow us the following priciples:

The productive resources

In company’s assets is the personal productive storehouse, equipped with modern equipment of the leader European producers.

Direct delivery

In years of successful work we established strong relations with European producers of materials, that allow us to buy the raw material directly from the producer, without any intermediary, thereby, optimizing the final cost of the production.

High productivity

The modernization and the automation of the work process, the united team of the skilled workers, the flexible politics allow fulfilling on-the-fly the biggest serial orders as the kitchen garniture, and other elements of the framed furniture.

All the mentioned factors serve as a guarantee of confidence for the parteners and a collaboration on long term with clients.

If you want to become our partener, contact us, and we will discuss about the possible options of collaboration.