About the company

The company has been operating at the market of Moldova since 1997. At the moment the company’s business is focused on the manufacture of ready-built kitchens under the trademark Wiza. These ready-made kitchens can be bought in the shops of our representatives.

The quality of Wiza kitchens is determinated, firstly, by the attitude of our working staff – these are the people who love their job and put their experience and professionalism into every produced set. We produce a really good furniture which is capable to satisfy demands of the most exquisite customers.

О компании
The quality

An industrial warehouse complex, supplied with modern equipment of the leading European manufacturers is in the assets of our company. The materials of the world’s most famous brands are being used in the manufacture.

High productivity

Serial and individual orders are being completed swiftly and qualitatively thanks to the high manufacture automatization and the correct organization of the technological progress.

Reasonable price

Thanks to modern technologies, powerful equipment and direct links to our suppliers we have been doing well in keeping the production price on the relatively low level for many years, complying with the principle of the perfect «quality/price» correlation. The wide model specter – from the economy class to the premium class makes it possible to choose the kitchen of any price category.

Company details

Company name: "Megamobila" S.R.L.
Legal address of the company: MD mun.Chisinau, str. Pandurilor-54, Republica Moldova
Legal form of organization: SRL
IDNO: 1012600015040
Company registration date: 15.05.2012
Web-site: wiza.md
Tel: +373-22-503-115