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Kitchen components

Any kitchen garniture consits of six components:


The most important base, the component, which determines the strengt, stability and durability of the entire construction.

The accessories

Everything, that makes the kitchens more functional and handy in daily exploitation.

The stained glasses

The aesthetic pleasure, which gives the appereance of the stained glasses, - is an important guidline of a good kitchen.

The built-in equipment

The electronic filling, called to facilite the mistress’ life, successfully camouflages under the beautiful facades.

The sinks and the faucets

Irreplaceble elements of any kitchen, incarneted in German tradditional quality.


The built-in lightnings not only luminate over the work zones, but also create a comfortable domestic atmosphere.

The individuality of your kitchens in facades

The frames are produced, most of the time, from particle board and fibreboard, the inside furniture as well is standard for all the models.The facades are able to make your kitchen individual and unique. For your kitchen you can choose facades of five types: MDF painted facades, MDF veneered facades, facades covered with PVC pellicle, framed facades and natural wood facades. Each type mentioned above can be decorated wih miller and presented in any color.

Beautiful and cheap

The veneer kitchens look like almost the ones made from wood, but its cost is much lower.

I want something comfortable!

To decide on your future kitchen design will help you the picture of the finished garniture Wiza.

Facades "chameleon"

The color of the facade depends on the angle of view and light conditions.