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The kitchen frames

In the matter of the the frames’ quality, the kitchen’s basis, can not exist compromises. To the given element of the kitchen furniture we make special demands.

The frame’s walls

During the creation of the frame we use only qualitative particle board and fibreboard of the well known Polish producer Kronopol1, that long ago proved on Moldavian and foreign markets.

For the cutting of the difficult details, curved and rounded are used the computerized equipment, that allows with filigree precision to create the necessary elements.

But the reliability, durability and longevity of the entire construction determines the Italian accessories FGV.

The countertops types

The countertop as elemnt of the frame

The Wiza kitchens are equiped with countertops mark Kronopol, and are made from heat and water resistant materials, capable to withstand such natural kitchen testing as hot tea or spill. That countertop will not be warped in time, because the construction features excludes the moisture hit on the opened particle board areas.

In terms of design and configuration is granted absolute freedom of choice, because in our company is presented a broad spectrum of Kronopol countertops in Moldova. You can order a countertop with straight or rounded borders, thickness 28 or 38 mm, width from 0,6 till 1,2 m, neutral light tint or marble, classical or a countertop that imitates the bar.

The decor in construction

Some elements of the kitchen decor are so popular, that long time ago became classics. It is about the decorative cornice, which is attached to the top of the kitchen and has not only an aesthetic but also a functional role. Along the upper cornice, as a rule, are set the halogen lights that set the pitch light in the kitchen design.

You may choose the cornice of different format and section, essential, is for it to harmonize with the general kitchen design.

The frame resistance

The quality often depends on the small details, that can not be seen at first sight. Thanks to the materials quality and the possibility to adjust the frame height, the feet guarantee to the kitchen stability, integrity and fuctionality.

In order to look more aesthetics, the feet are masked under the decorative panel in the color of the facades, which can be easely taken off as nedeed to cleaning. There is other option: you may order the kitchen with legs of a chromium-plated metal of open type.

1— One of the biggest companies in the world in wood processing and production of MDF and particle board. The trade mark Kronopol belongs to Switzerland, which owns all the company's stocks. The modern progressive manufacture technologies allow not only to create high-quality production, but also to get it with raw material at minimal cost. The comapny has a certificat that corresponds to the ISO 9001:2000 standarts. Its production corresponds to all the european safety standarts and are exported in 40 countries all around the world.