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The built-in equipment

A comfortable and fucntional kitchen is hard to imagine without the technical filling. A modern and effective decision is the built-in equipment. It will allow to use rationally the work space of the kitchen and to realize interesting design ideas. Of your choice, the Wiza kitchens are managed with the built-in equipment of the german producer Hansa1. It is the reliable and approved equipment, that will successfully serve not only you, but also your granchildren.

The draught

The draught
In order to solve the kitchen odor problem in the house you can choose the Hansa domic or built-in draught.

The dishwasher

The dishwasher
With the dishwasher you will have more time for the pleasant things.

Посудомоечная машина

The microwave oven
Thanks to the stylish design, the Hansa microwave oven fits perfectly to the interior of the modern kitchen.

The laundry washer

The laundry washer
You may choose the laundry washer of the open type, which the control panel and facades can be seen, or the builts-in ones, which will be completely invisible under the decorative facades.

The oven and the gas cooker

The cooking surface and the ovens
All the built-in Hansa ovens are equipped with modern grill options, highlight and convection, and the cooking surface – with the electro-burning and gas-control.

The refrigerator

The refrigerator
Covered under the facade, the built-in refrigerator looks like an usual kitchen dresser.


1 — a company with a rich story. The Hansa brand was created by the german company Magotra Handelsgeselshaft, 10 years ago, started the manufacture of the domestic appliances on the works storehouse of the Polish company Amica Wronki S.A.

Today in the company’s strucure are 4 modern factories, built on the basis „1 factory – 1 product”: is specialized in the gas cooker production, in the built-in equipment, in the refrigerators and the laundry washer.

The Hansa models belong to the „A” class, what means, that Hansa takes care about the clients resources in the electricity costs. Caring for customers - the basic principle of Hansa.

Beautiful and cheap

The veneer kitchens look like almost the ones made from wood, but its cost is much lower.

Faucets for everydoby’s taste

Some models of the kitchen faucets Franke can be installed even in the sinks in front of the window.

Facades "chameleon"

The color of the facade depends on the angle of view and light conditions.