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Kitchens for everybody

You deicded to order a kitchen, but you did not decide about the color, material and form?

This division will help you to determine on your choice. Here we placed the most important and interesting information about the types of kitchens, about the qualities and the merits. Look, study, compare.

Under the Wiza mark are manufactured five types of kitchens:

Kitchens with
framed facades
Kitchens from

The kitchens with framed facades so popular today combine two important qualities: accessible price and modern design.


Kitchens with laminated with PVC pellicle textures give a possibility to select the textures and colors: from the smooth metallic surface till the textured that imitates the wood.


The modern techonologies and the trends in interior fashion found themselves in the stylish painted kitchens, which captivate with its appearance and operational properties.


The qualitative veneer sheet and the professional processing give the possibility to create a furniture, that practictly is impossible to distinguish from the one that is made from solid wood. But its cost, naturally, will be much lower.


The luxurious classics for all times, a kitchen with facades made of wood will bring to your house presentable charm, warmth and domestic comfort.

The prices variety

Production kitchensIf you prefer the low cost to the individuality, choose the production furniture.

The price variety and the large selection of models, allow to choose the model for every taste and budget: from moderate cost with framed facades till the elite sets from natural wood. At that during the order registration you can choose different accessories and thereby control the cost of your kitchen.

Once you have decided on the model of kitchen, suitable to you at price and style, you can proceed to further stages of ordering the kitchen.

The exact price of the kitchen you can learn after the affirmation of the desing-project.

Attention to detail

The facades of the Wiza kitchens hold on the loops of the Italian mark FGV

The key solution from the professional producers

The Wiza kitchens are equipped with reliable built-in equipment Hansa.

Facades "chameleon"

The color of the facade depends on the angle of view and light conditions.