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Veneer sheet kitchens

Outwardly, the kitchens with facades from veneer sheet are practically indistinguishable, from the kitchens made from solid wood, and at the same time they are much cheaper. By touching the natural veneer1, you feel the energy that gives you the natural material, enjoy the unique pattern of the tree, but the additional decorative elements, such as, for example, the milling or the stained glasses inserts, make your kitchen more attractive and sophisticated.

You can see how it looks like the stained glass in combination with the natural veneer in the photogalery.

An important features of the Wiza kitchens is that, for their production are used the facades, covered with veneer not only in fornt, but also inside them, so that is created a full illusion of the furniture made from wood.

The features of the veneer facades:

  • They are not inferior in appearance, reability and durability the facades from solid wood, they are extremly resistent to cracking and wrapin;
  • They are less „capricious” in care, than the facades from natural wood;
  • The furniture covered with veneer, usually, is not so heavy and cumbrous, as the one made from wood.

By choosing the kitchen covered with veneer, you get the aesthetics of the natural surface at the best price.

So you can enjoy the aesthetic of the veneer kitchen along with its functinality and comfort, we equip the kitchen with Hansa built-in equipment.

The veneer

1The veneer  is a very thin slice of wood (different species) in the form of plate of different size. The veneer blade is made only from carefully selected materials, having a smooth seamless texture, without sharp tonal differences. The wood articles, MDF, particle board are paneled with them, in order to give them a noble appearance.

Attention to detail

The facades of the Wiza kitchens hold on the loops of the Italian mark FGV

Faucets for everydoby’s taste

Some models of the kitchen faucets Franke can be installed even in the sinks in front of the window.

Facades "chameleon"

The color of the facade depends on the angle of view and light conditions.