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The color of your painted kitchen.

To imagine the color of your kitchen, the imagination is not enough. It is more simple to see with your own eyes. Try to paint the kitchen from the picture and choose the favourite color.

Click on the color, in order to paint the kitchen.

For the painted kitchens are available


Feel the awesome experience, that gives you the appearance of the glossy or metallic facades, can only be seen with your own eyes the painted facades. For that visit one of our representatives stores, look over the catalogues and examples of the finished kitchens.

Attention to detail

The facades of the Wiza kitchens hold on the loops of the Italian mark FGV

The reational choice

The stained glasses, created on the basis of the Glaverbel glass, are cheaper several times than the classical analogue.

I want something comfortable!

To decide on your future kitchen design will help you the picture of the finished garniture Wiza.