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The painted kitchens

The painted kitchens are very popular among our clients. And it is not surprising, since the painted facades combine such important advantages as the aestethic appeal, practicality and durability of a special multi-layer coating.

The painted facades can be glossy and discreet matt, and with mettalic effect, you can see all the variety of options in the pictures exposed below.

The features of the painted facades:

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  • The painted facades presents the most broad opportunity in choosing the colors. The catalogue of colors includes 2300 different colors;
  • Do not absorbe the odors and moisture;
  • Resistant to high temperatuires, can easily withstand the neighborhood with the Hansa gas cooker;
  • Resistant to direct sunlight, which allows preserving for many years the color of furniture rich and deep;
  • Resistant to the chemical reagents: the surfaces covered with acrylic lacquer, are not afraid of the contact with water, tea, coffee, grease, and even of the long contact with a solvent.

We manufacture the painted facades on MDF1 basis, that allows creating any kitchens’ forms and configurations, for exemple – with rounded shelves.

The facades types

After configuration

Facades with cutter

Facades with cutter
The textured facades with cutter are very popular among the fans of the classic style.

Smooth facades

Smooth facades
The smooth facades are created according the priciple „Style – means no excess ”.

Facades with rounded corner

Facades with rounded corner
The rounded corners embody the latest trends in kitchen design.

After colors

Glossy facades

The luxury glossy sheen of the lacquered facades creates a sense of airness, light and sophisticated chic.

Facades with metallic effect

Metallic effect
The facades with metallic effect are perfect for the kitchens in hi-tech style.

Matt facades

Your favourite color, emobied in new kitchen, will please you in a velvet matt version.

Chameleon facades

The colour of the facade depends on field of view and lighting.

Chameleon facades title=

The singularity of these facades is that if you look at a glossy surface from different angles, you can see up to 6 different colors: green, black, burgundy, orange, turquoise, blue. Rich, deep colors shimmer and play depending on the lighting, while the additional effect of metallic gives the kitchen a luxurious appearance.

Looking at the chameleon facades, every day you will discover a new shade, and such a kitchen will never get you bored.

Chameleon facades Aquamarine


Chameleon facades Black


Chameleon facades Blue


Chameleon facades Green


Chameleon facades Red


Chameleon facades Yellow



1 MDF is deciphering as fine-dispersed fraction, which not only accurately reflects the material structure, but also has a well known common European abbreviation MDF MittelDichteFazerplatte, which in german means medium density fibreboard. It is made from the dried wood fibres treated with binders and formed into a slab followed by hot pressing. Thank to the uniform density across the entire thickness of the board, it completely replaces the wood, besides it does not have its natural disadvantages, such as knots, changing the direction of fibres, etc. The medium density fibreboard MDF is the most remarkable discovery of the last century for the furniture industry.

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The Wiza kitchens are equipped with reliable built-in equipment Hansa.

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To decide on your future kitchen design will help you the picture of the finished garniture Wiza.

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