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Kitchens laminated with PVC pellicle

The kitchens with facades covered with PVC pellicle1 are defined by the attractive price.This type of facades are made from the ecologically clean MDF, laminated from the internal part and covered with structural or glossy pellicle via the vacuum pressing method. Thanks to the high-tech equipment, we can even laminate facades with complex relief pattern.

The features of the laminated facades:

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  • Low cost;
  • The variety of colors;
  • The possibilty to manufacture the volumetric and curved facades;
  • Resistance to stains;
  • Resistance to the discoloration.

In order to look more attractive, the kitchens with facades covered with PVC pellicle, use such decorative methods as cutter or fixing of the stained-glasses.

1 The PVC pellicle  is made from synthetic polymer. As other types of polymer, this material is extremely durabil, is not exposed to the distruction and corrosion. The products, lined with decorative pellicle of PVC, due to its plasticity and wear resistance, can be widely used for finishing all types of furniture, used for lining milled and smooth surfaces of furniture facades and other products.

Attention to detail

The facades of the Wiza kitchens hold on the loops of the Italian mark FGV

The key solution from the professional producers

The Wiza kitchens are equipped with reliable built-in equipment Hansa.

Facades "chameleon"

The color of the facade depends on the angle of view and light conditions.